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New Year's resolution: Read "Systems Performance" by Brendan Gregg

I have 15 books on various aspects of Software Engineering on my “want-to-read” bookshelf. The biggest one of them, by far, is “Systems Performance” by Brendan Gregg. I bought this book after reading “Database Reliability Engineering”. It was referenced there and seemed like the kind of book that could help me improve my lower-level technical knowledge. For example, it has a chapter on Operating Systems and the learning goals for that chapter include “understand the role of the kernel and the system calls” and “gain a working knowledge of kernel internals.” These are the kind of things I know close to nothing about.

Talking about Software Architecture for the women @WomenGoTech

This year I have been selected as one of the experts to talk about different areas of Backend development for the mentees at WomenGoTech. I chose the topic ‘Software Architecture’ as this is something I’ve been reading a bit about recently. This was a big thing for me, as I rarely get to speak publicly. Especially for a cause that I care about so much. I invested almost 2 months (more on this in the Reflections section) for the preparation as I wanted to make the talk as good and useful as possible. And now once the talk is done I want to reflect on it a little.

How I read technical books

My main shtick in this blog are the reviews of technical books. I’ve been reading these books from the very beginning of my career as backend software developer and formed quite a routine around it. I know people struggle sometimes with forming a learning habit, so I decided to share mine as hearing about different things that work for different people might be helpful.

This blog now has a deployment pipeline!

This site was created mostly as a learning experience. Setting it up was a complete point-and-click adventure following detailed instructions laid down by a friend of mine (more about it here). That didn’t feel like enough practice. Plus every time I write a new post, I need to scp it to the AWS instance and ssh there to move stuff around. I decided to take my learning process up a notch and write a github action to deploy the site. Moreover, this time I tried to figure things out myself instead of asking for instructions beforehand.

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