An evening of coding: Game of Life

28 Nov 2021

When I had just started my career as software engineer I attended a course ‘The Modern Developer’ by Sebastien Lambla. He used Conway’s Game of Life as an example problem. I remember thinking it could be a fun thing to code, but never found the time.

And now, a little over 4 years later, I was stuck at home one evening and decided it is finally time to do it. I chose plain Ruby for this, as I only use Rails at work and usually work only on already set up projects. Building something from scratch seemed like a treat in itself.

Here is the result I made with Curses gem. I have some sort of weird nostalgia for the old days of software engineering (that I did not get to experience) with all the cumbersome text user interfaces.

Some interesting things I’ve noticed while working on this:

How elegant Ruby is

How differently people feel about test fixtures

This has been a fun little exercise. I’ve done the majority of it in one evening, just finished adding specs, readme and general clean up later. Which gave me an ego boost, because I’m not sure if I had managed to do this so easily in one evening few years ago.

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