Refactoring: Ruby Edition

by Jay Fields, Shane Harvie, Martin Fowler, Kent Beck

29 Apr 2020 ★★★★★

Why I read it: The non Ruby version was recommended to me some time ago by a senior developer I respect a lot. I’m still new to Ruby and don’t know how to make Ruby code pretty, so though this could help.

What I liked about it: That it was so easy and fun to read. Usually I dread reading technical books a little, cos I think they will be all dry and a bit boring. I think reading this book helped with that fear. I liked that it discussed the refactorings in context of object oriented design and how they would help to get the key components of it right.

What I disliked: Maybe it was a little too easy to read. A lot of the concepts and advices seemed common sense. It was nice to get the confirmation that I’ve already learned a thing or two in my career. I think struggling with the ideas a bit more would have meant I’m getting more out of it. Also the structure of the book was a bit confusing. I read it from cover to cover. And the names of the refactorings were used in the beginning, before being introduced. I actually googled a lot to fully understand thing without being aware they will be explained in later chapters.

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