Deep Human: Practical Superskills for a Future of Success

by Crystal Lim-Lange, Gregor Lim-Lange

17 May 2020 ★★★★★

Why I read it: A member of our HR team recommended it to better understand the self-development workshop that they prepared for employees.

What I liked about it: It turns out to be a summary of a lot of ideas/ other books I’ve come across over last few years and related to a lot (attention economy and distractions, growth vs. fixed mindset, mindfulness, self-compasion etc.). It was a very fast and easy read. And it had very practical tips for some of the topics e.g. giving feedback, practising mindfulness.

What I disliked: It is not as much a dislike as a worry. Since the book is so succinct, I don’t think it provides enough context for people that come across these ideas for the first time. Therefore I don’t think it would be able to ‘sell’ them. I think this book is a much better read for people already interested/ familiar with the topics. And could be used more like a notes list when you want to practice one of the skills more efficiently.

Quotes: “In the future, no longer are your biggest threats likely to be snakes, tigers or epidemics, but what we call the four Ds: distraction, disconnection, (lack of) diversity and doing.”

“We have become “human doings” instead of human beings, and our headspace has never been more cluttered.”

“When people feel stressed, they sacrifice sleep, exercise and diet, which are the very things that will help them overcome the challenges they face.”

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